Who thinks of changing their doors to transform the look and feel of their home? Sure, you would suggest a different pantone or textured wallpaper for your walls, new tiles in the bathroom or even a brand new sofa, and all options would work and refresh your home; BUT if you want a talking point and make a real statement, change the interior doors, they are your background wherever you are in your home and they connect every room so allow them to be the ‘pièce de résistance’ to your lovely home. You can thank us later…

It's all in the details .

Adhering to an art deco New York loft-style, we manufacture traditional steel internal doors which will complement your property, adding a touch of class and a point of difference to your home, office or business. We offer a variety of styles to which you can select your handles and glass so your own combination of doors will be the perfect addition to any style and space.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, all our doors are handmade with carefully sourced materials in order to offer our clients an affordable price for a high-quality product.

We work with residential and commercial clients so please contact us if you need more information. 

Above and Beyond .

We have worked in the industry for over a decade so we’d like to think we know what the customers want. For that reason, our goal is always to make this experience smooth and stress-free for our clients so we can oversee the design and installation if you wish. 

We afford our clients the opportunity to involve themselves as little or as much as they want, taking control of their vision completely and making sure that their ideas come out exactly as they have conceived them. 

Precision is one of our core working values, and it guides everything that we do. From the first conversation that we have with you to the installation and beyond, you have our full, undivided attention. At Steel Nouveau, we are accomplished, skilled door professionals, but even more than that, we are service professionals. Nothing short of outstanding is ever acceptable for us, whether we are talking about the designs that we contribute to or the projects that we manage independently. As the door manufacturers, we also have access to RAL colour charts, our own CNC machine, and a range of glass techniques, including lamination, fire glass, and acoustic glass.

Glass .

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Products Design

We view ourselves as artists first and foremost, which is why we approach our design efforts with both seriousness and enthusiasm. The doors that we offer our clients are unlike anything else you will find in the local market, most similar to doors that you would find in France during the 1930s. When you opt for a Steel Nouveau door, you are opting for a door that will never blend in.

Easy Installation

We make the installation process straightforward so that you do not need to worry about your door creating any unnecessary obstacles in your life. Working around your schedule, we will show up whenever it is convenient for you and take care of everything quickly so that your day can proceed as normal.

The Power of Steel

While many of our competitors use aluminium for their doors, we refuse to compromise on our commitment to steel. We believe wholeheartedly in the value of steel and the difference that it makes for doors. At the same time, we recognize that some people believe steel is too expensive for doors – which is why we are vigilant about keeping our doors affordable.

Our Story

Who we are

Founding by a long-term door professional and an experienced kitchen designer, we bring to the table a wealth of project management knowledge and insight. Our mission is to make your project feel effortless and to leave you feeling like you made the right choice.

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Super Team .

From doors to windows to partitions, we always deliver world-class work, backing all our projects with our standing service. Our clients know that they can trust us to meet and exceed even their highest expectations and to communicate openly and consistently through every step of the work that we are doing. We want to put you at ease – letting you know that we have everything under control but also that we are available to answer any questions that may come to you. However much or however little you want to be involved, we will work with you. Our fitting, measuring, and design expertise are second to none, and if you want to talk through your options with us, we are always amenable.

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