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Clapham, SW11


Experience the unique blend of elegance and functionality with our latest project in Clapham. Our double entrances, adorned in a sophisticated anthracite grey 7016 finish, seamlessly merge style with practicality. Our doors’ timeless charm and durability are enhanced with sleek Buster and Punch handles, each detail meticulously crafted for a premium touch.

In the heart of the home, our kitchen doors stand out as chic and secure. Glazed and fire-rated, they boast fixed frames flanking double French doors, effortlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces while ensuring safety and peace of mind. Meanwhile, the hallway doors offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and convenience. Laminated glass panels and double-shoot bolts enhance the visual appeal and provide ease of use for everyday living.

Experience the perfect harmony of style and functionality with our double entrances project, elevating living spaces in Clapham to new heights of sophistication.

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