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Bexleyheath, DA5

Welcome to our uniquely designed space where industrial charm meets bespoke craftsmanship. Step into our living area, where two grand double sliding doors, mounted on industrial rails, seamlessly divide the space between the living room and kitchen, adding a touch of rustic elegance with their barn door style.

Intrigued? The industrial chic continues as you explore further. Our kitchen entrance boasts the same barn door style with an exposed industrial rail design, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal.

But the pièce de résistance awaits you beneath the stairs. Behold our custom-made, tailor-fit under-stair drinks cabinet, a masterpiece of carpentry ingenuity. Its distinctive design features shaped double doors perfectly moulded to the staircase angle. In contrast, a separate single door provides additional access. Elevate your entertaining experience with this bespoke creation, marrying form and function seamlessly.
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