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Clapham Common, SW11

Panoramic Views of Clapham Through Glass

Welcome to our latest project showcase! Step inside this newly refurbished home in Clapham, where comfort meets contemporary design. Our team was tasked with enhancing functionality and aesthetics, starting with the kitchen and office areas.


Our renovation journey began with the doors leading to the kitchen and office. Seeking to maximise natural light and create a seamless flow, we introduced a full-height fixed frame in the office. The result? An elegant symmetry with two single doors elevates the space with a smart and sophisticated ambience.


Our work didn’t stop at the interiors. We also transformed the external elements of the property. The old PVC double doors in the loft were replaced with sleek Aluminum doors and a frameless glass balustrade design. This flooded the room with sunlight and maintained a stylish aesthetic, significantly enhancing the property’s appeal.


Furthermore, we installed a new window and a striking 2.8m high steel-look door in the landing space. This transformation breathed new life into the area, replacing an outdated, larger wooden door and ushering in a fresh, modern vibe.


Our goal, from internal to external doors, is to modernise this Clapham home while prioritising comfort, functionality, and style.

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